Maija 3

Maija 3

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Log measurements: 480x560 cm

Wall height: 222.30/285.00cm

Door/window glass:

Real glass, 3-9-3 mm

Door opening measurements: 1588 x 1957mm

Door sill: wooden

Roof boards: 19 mm

Additional Info

Additional Information

Description Maija 3 is a spacious garden house with many windows. In addition to that, this model has a porch entrance. Perfect to use as a guest house or summer house.
Wall thickness (mm) 44
Window glass Single glass
Number of windows 5
Roof height, m 2.85
Roof planes Gabled
Wall height, m 2.23
Size, m 4.80x5.60
Floor Type wood , 19 mm
Number of Doors 1
Roof area, m² 32.40
Front window size 71.0x122.4 cm
Side window size 71.0x122.4 cm
Door size, cm 158.8 x 195.7 cm

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