Cellar 11.7m2 LUX

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Decorated Cellar 11.7 m2 will endure a long time and increase your real estate's beauty and value. By time the value of a cellar only increases. Very low if any maintenance costs. Set includes: 1. Entrence module 2. Cellar module 3. Heat insulation EPS 120 4. Insulated intake/outtake pipes for ventilation, wooden hats 5. Ventilation valves 6. White lime cement render/plaster 7. 2 wooden handcrafted doors with blacksmith decorations like forged strapped hinges, locks and door handles 8. Bolts and nuts 9. Clay Clinker tiles 10. Manual and certificates
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Additional Information

Description Have you ever considered a fridge more than an item of consumer goods? A mental connection with a arched storage room is something more special than with an ordinary fridge. A earth cellar is more personal, environment-friendly, energy-saving and emotional. Different food items, garden products and wines are preserved best in a earth cellar. Of course the question is also in storing space. All vegetables cannot be stored in a fridge, but can be comfortably and easily accommodated in the earth cellar built by Neomājas and without any electricity bills!

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