Very good looking, filled with light and spacious!
Additional Info

Additional Information

Description Neo Ltd. offers you full installation service: • Creation of correctly prepared foundation • Installation of wooden construction • Installation of roof Costs for assembly depends on the installation place, deadlines and requirements.
Wall thickness (mm) 70
Window glass Double glass
Number of windows 5
Roof height, m 2.57
Roof planes Gabled
Wall height, m 2.22
Size, m 5.2x5.95
Floor Type Wooden
Number of Doors 4
Roof area, m² 39.1 m2, 17 °
Front window size 3 x 765 x 990 mm, 1 x 1530 x 990 mm, 1 x 530 x 530 mm
Side window size No
Door size, cm 840 x 1955 mm