Nottingham 4,5 x 6 m Wall thickness 44 mm T&G Log cabin Basement size: 4.34 x 5.84 m View more pictures on our done project GALLERY...
Additional Info

Additional Information

Description • Wall Boards are flat faced with rounded edges • The corbel of the roof around the whole cabin; • Single 2xglazed windows and double 2xglazed door with original decorative beading; • Shutters available (as extras); • Canopy 1 m; • The cabin includes the floor and roof construction; • The cabin includes a big bedroom in the attic. * Veranda is supplied as an optional extra * Roofing shingles are supplied as optional extras * If you are going to assemble the cabin by yourself, please keep in mind that you will need screws and nails to fix the floor and roof boards and bitumen shingles.
Wall thickness (mm) 44
Window glass Double glass
Number of windows 7
Roof height, m 3.782
Roof planes Gabled
Wall height, m 1.96
Size, m 4.5x6
Floor Type Wooden
Number of Doors 3
Roof area, m² No
Front window size No
Side window size No
Door size, cm No