Great looking garden house, very spacious inside! 5.95x5.95m; 27.9m2 house+ 3.1m2 terrace, 4 various rooms.
Additional Info

Additional Information

Description 58mm wall thickness garden home 100% set includes: • The timber material the houses are made of is 100% Nordic high-quality spruce • The doors and windows are produced from extra-dry (8-12%) laminated timber • The door threshold is of stainless steel • The windows have sealed glass units, open in both directions and contain 100% of the furnishings • The doors have sealed glass units and contain 100% of the furnishings • The ceiling is of the 18mm thick profile board • The floor is of the 28mm thick profile board • The foundation beams are of autoclave impregnated timber • The set always includes storm bars • 100% of the fixation equipment (nails, screws) • Installation drawings and plans
Wall thickness (mm) 70
Window glass Double glass
Number of windows 6
Roof height, m 2.79
Roof planes Gabled
Wall height, m 2.17
Size, m 5.95x5.95
Floor Type Wooden
Number of Doors 4
Roof area, m² 49.35; 12°
Front window size 153x99
Side window size 5x 76.5x99
Door size, cm 4x89x209