Ideal garden house for summer and can also be used as a shed for tools during winter. Plenty of space to put a table with sofas inside and still have enough space to dance with your friends.
Additional Info

Additional Information

Description One two-doored entry. Doors are stored with glass (4mm real glass). Wall height: 205cm. Living area: 22.3m2. Capacity: 52.7 m3. Roof tilt: 14.9 grades. The floor is not included in garden house's set, but it's possible to add wooden floor for extra 409 Euros.
Wall thickness (mm) 40
Window glass Single glass
Number of windows 1
Roof height, m 2.68
Roof planes No
Wall height, m No
Size, m 5.00 x 4.45 m
Floor Type No
Number of Doors 1
Roof area, m² 30.7
Front window size 119x89 cm
Side window size No
Door size, cm 151x175 cm