Mērija 2

Mērija 1

The walls for this wooden house are made out of 44mm thick wood. It's possible to isolate this house with termo-holding elements. The floor panels are made with wind-stopping isolation. Because of the large windows it's perfectly adjusted for wieving beatiful gardens or landscapes.
Additional Info

Additional Information

Description Capacity: 26.7 m3 Living area: 11.7 Back wall height: 236 cam Very exclusive garden house!
Door leaf count No
Wall thickness (mm) 44mm
Roof planes Flat
Size, m 4.30x3.20m
Roof height, m 2.44
Wall height, m 2.22
Floor Type Koka , 19 mm
Number of windows 1
Window glass Double glass
Side window size No
Front window size 90x168 cm
Number of Doors 1
Door size, cm 151x183 cm
Roof area, m² 36.5