Wooden garden house Rezija. Because of the big windows it's perfectly suitable for wieving beatiful gardens or landscapes, but there's also enough space for some indoor activities. Complect also includes the bars for doors and windows.
Additional Info

Additional Information

Description Living area: 19.3m2 Capacity: 41.9m3 Roof overcome: 45cm Back wall height: 200cm Roff tilt: 5.2grādi Two-doored entry with double glass.
Door leaf count No
Wall thickness (mm) 44
Roof planes No
Size, m 550x400
Roof height, m 234
Wall height, m No
Floor Type No
Number of windows 4
Window glass Double glass
Side window size No
Front window size 60x111
Number of Doors 1
Door size, cm 151x175 cm
Roof area, m² 25.4

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