31.35 m2, 5.7x5.5m Garden house
Additional Info

Additional Information

Description Wall thickness 70 mm Wall measures 570x550 cm Log measures 590x570 cm Side wall height ca. 256 cm Ridge height ca. 385 cm Area ca. 24 m2 Sleeping area ca. 16 m2 Terrace ca. 5,2 m2 Volume ca. 79,8 m3 Roof area / gradient ca. 41,9 m2 / 24,8˚
Wall thickness (mm) 70
Window glass Double glass
Number of windows 4
Roof height, m 4.37
Roof planes Gabled
Wall height, m No
Size, m 7.2x9.8
Floor Type Wooden
Number of Doors 4
Roof area, m² 98.4
Front window size No
Side window size No
Door size, cm No