Laila 2

Sauna Laila 2

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Very cousy house with second floor, where you can lay down after having a wonderful sauna! :) 1st floor area: 20 m2 2nd floor area: 14.5 m2 Terrace: 10.4 m2 Roof size: 61 m2 Walls: 66.7 m2 Roof tilt: 35 We offer to supply your bath-house with full fuse-system, also to bring to reality your view of how seats should be put. We can also complect all of the house with furniture and devices, so you could do just as much as enjoy it! It's possible to isolate this house as well! :)
Additional Info

Additional Information

Description There's an option to get this exact house with wall thickness of 88, 114, 134mm and fitting windows. The battens 95x45mm + panelling 25x135 or 25x180 mm are also optional extra!
Type Standart
Size, m 5.50x6.00
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